Culinary Professional Diploma

Swiss International Culinary Professional Diploma

Diploma Description

With this Diploma program, students will acquire the competencies and knowledge to be fully operational in different kitchens following the standards of first-class culinary operations. At the end of the Diploma, students will have a deep understanding of how the management of a kitchen is conducted, and which tools are used by industry professionals to do so.

Students graduating from this program will have the capacity to successfully work independently in the kitchen and be well-equipped to enter the industry and reach a supervisory position in a short period of time. The course content is benchmarked on the Swiss vocational competency framework for cooks. 

Program Aims 

Graduates of the Culinary Professional Diploma will be proficient in the following activities and will be distinguished by the following behaviours: 

  • They prepare hot and cold food dishes following different recipes and different methods of cooking. 
  • They demonstrate the ability to work in kitchen operations autonomously and in a team, even under stressful circumstances. 
  • They consider and operate according to clients’ wishes, demonstrating team spirit and following an economic and ecological mindset. 
  • They are proficient with the principles of occupational health and safety, health protection and environmental protection. 


Foundation – In this first certificate, students will acquire the basic skills required to be operational in a professional kitchen. The skills learned will be reinforced and applied during the On-the-Job experience. 

Intermediate – After having acquired the skills to operate independently in the kitchen, students will be exposed to different types of cuisine and kitchen operations. The skills learned will be reinforced and applied during the On-the-Job experience. 

Advanced – Following 1-year of studies or combined with previous professional experience, students will focus on advanced culinary and kitchen management skills. To complete the program, the skills learned will be reinforced and applied during the On-the-Job experience. 

Curriculum – Culinary Professional Diploma


Foundation Intermediate Advanced
On-the-Job Culinary I On-the-Job Culinary II On-the-Job Culinary III
Basic Culinary Techniques Theory Intermediate Culinary Techniques Theory Advanced Culinary Techniques Theory
Basic Culinary Techniques Application Intermediate Culinary Techniques Application Advanced Culinary Techniques Application
Introduction to Nutrition & Dietetics Goods Management & Purchasing Gastronomic Trends & Innovation
Hygiene & Occupational Health Practices Kitchen Department Operations Hotel & Restaurant Concept Foundation
Goods Management Introduction to Office Tools Kitchen Administration Principles
Mathematics Fundamentals   Menu Engineering & Cost Control
English Essentials Applied English Business English
    Customer Service Excellence